Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hannah's Kindergarten Graduation pic

I was cleaning up my office and found this that I forgot to post...too cute!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hannah's First Day of School - 1st Grade

Here is the Monday before school started when Hannah met her teacher for the first time.

I can't believe she is in 1st Grade. Her teacher is great, Mrs. Hamrick. She loved her first day, here are a couple pics...

Mr. Sea Lion, please don't kiss me...

So we went to Panama City Beach to Gulf World and saw some great things! One was a Sea Lion show, you could get your picture taken after with a Sea Lion. He could even "kiss" you on the lips or cheek! The girls wanted a picture, but no kiss. Can you tell Madi was a little nervous being so close to the Sea Lion. The lady kept saying look at the camera, her head pointing forward, but her eyes are shifty! So cute!

Vacation! Destin, FL 2008

We had a great time in Destin! Beautiful, white beaches, clear blue/green water, amazing sunsets, it was perfect. We actually went just East of Destin. There were much nicer beaches and more private! So fun! Here are a few pics...check out my facebook for more!